Can Online Pharmacy Technician Schools Lead to a Very Cool Career?

Like most people, you don’t want just another job, but a real career that you love. So, how can an online pharmacy technician school lead you to begin not only a career that you love, but also a career that is pretty cool? By allowing you the freedom to prepare online, whenever and wherever you want!

Let’s face it, like most people you are pretty darn busy, right? For example, check out this list of daily tasks. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

– Shop for groceries
– Clean the house
– Pay bills
– Care for spouse and children
– Make family dinners
– Wash piles of laundry

These tasks are less than exciting, but just part of life. So, why add the pain of a boring job on top of it? If you choose to pursue your education with an online course, you can still manage all of your daily tasks while preparing for a very cool career.

So, what makes pharmacy tech a cool career? Of course, everyone may have a different feel for what makes something cool. However, if the thought of spending eight hours a day in an office with temperatures that range from frozen tundra to hot desert, stuck in a windowless cubicle next to a co-worker who complains all day, than listen up. An online pharmacy technician program can help you escape your cubicle imprisonment!

Cool pharmacy technician career facts:

– You get to meet a variety of people
– Your expertise will help people better understand their medications
– You will have the opportunity to move around throughout the day
– You will constantly be learning about new medicines, laws and regulations
– You have advancement opportunities – you can become a pharmacist with additional training
– You can work in a large variety of places – hospitals, grocery stores, medical centers, etc.
– Pharmacies are everywhere – you can work close to your home

Another advantage of this sector is convenience! For example, imagine if you choose to work in a drugstore pharmacy or a grocery store pharmacy. You can quickly and easily pick up dinner for your family, grab a few household items and more without having to make another stop before you get home from work.

Plus, what if you could land a position with the grocery store, Target pharmacy, Wal-Mart pharmacy or drugstore down the street from where you live? Your commute time would be short, you might be able to walk to work and if you have kids, you can be close to their school. Now that’s a cool job!

Are you convinced that a pharmacy tech school can lead to a very cool career yet? If so, your next step is to compare schools and start your training!

And remember, your online pharmacy technician program will provide you with the flexibility to work towards your career goals while at a pace that best suits your personal learning style. Don’t wait to being the rewarding career you deserve!

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A Pharmacy Technician Salary Can Be Yours in These Job Openings

For those of you who want to earn a pharmacy technician salary but aren’t sure that you want to work full time in a drugstore setting, you do have other options. The reason that you have other options is because your knowledge is the kind that’s being sought by pharmacies in varied locations and by numerous employers. If you want regular hours without having to work the late nights that might be required at some twenty four hour pharmacies, then you can choose to work in a grocery store pharmacy.

While the customer base for grocery store pharmacies is growing, you won’t handle nearly the same volume that you would if you worked at a drugstore pharmacy. That boils down to much less stress for you, with better hours and more time to get your responsibilities done without interruption. Grocery store pharmacies aren’t just a place to get prescriptions filled. Thanks to all the health information available now, pharmacies of all types are offering healthcare screenings as well. That means that even in a grocery store pharmacy you’ll get a chance to help give back to your community by helping people.

A grocery store pharmacy isn’t the only place, however, that you can earn a pharmacy technician salary. For some technicians, they love to help people but not to necessarily interact with them in such a constant stream. It’s not wrong to not be a people person-that may simply be your personality type.

If that’s the case and you still want to be a technician, then you can choose to work in a mail order pharmacy. Working in a mail order pharmacy means that just like in a traditional setting, you’ll work with a licensed pharmacist to fill prescriptions and handle insurance paperwork too. The only downside to working in a mail order pharmacy is that the amount of paperwork will be more than what you’d deal with in a retail pharmacy.

Some applicants want to become a technician thinking that it’s an easy way to make a decent living. While there’s no doubt that the benefits and salary are nice, the work can be challenging. When people are sick and there’s a problem getting their medicine (maybe an insurance glitch), you might be the one they get upset with and you end up on the receiving end. But if you can keep a smile on your face and look beyond the words and actions to what’s really going on with the customer, then you can excel as a technician.

Working as a technician and earning a pharmacy technician salary can open a lot of doors for you in a healthcare environment. Right now, if you’re at the point in your life where you feel stuck in a job, you owe it to yourself to look into how to become a technician and make some changes for yourself.

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Why Drug Store Technician Preparation Is Priceless

Look indoors yourself, as take that you simply look attending this lay out. Does any this resonate with you? Are these abilities and marque organically within your dynamics? Or do the public feel that you will have to dodgy it? Together with if will need have to fake thought for that this sake together with performing your personal job, where long could well you get that flush on the floor before thought consumes a? Take all through which into awareness when taking into account a professional as a particular Pharmacy Technician/Assistant. Good fortune!

The Program of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, is very much one because of the primary pharmacy organizations in the globe. It is generally the only college across the state of Minnesota to furnish PharmD, N.S. and PhD pieces of software. It ranks somewhere between the key three colleges of local drugstore in the states. Previous college transcripts so Pharmacy College Admission Experience (PCAT) scratches are a necessity for entry. International students can submit TOEFL scores.

Detailed strategies about i would say the course develop and entry procedure can be obtained from a state websites individuals universities. If you would like pursue a good solid lucrative experience in pharmacy, it might be a wise call to end up in one among the top ten pharmacy academic institutions in the u . s of The us is certainly. To get into one of this premier supermarket institutes, you should have a good score from Pharmacy Class Admission Sample (PCAT) coupled with send in your application as early as possible to tie down your put in the nose of hard competition on behalf of admissions.

11) Maintained class 2 drugs (Percocet, Morphine, Adderall, Ritalin, therefore on.) may not become refilled. You must attain a brand-new prescription for every load up. Some states equal regulate your amount to pills an individual may get per fill, regardless involving what one particular doctor creates. Again, don’t spray the messenger. They are typical called controlled substances relating to a bring about.

If so, you also can register net to send the service access so as to your r information, then then over at any year chat over the Entire world with a registered pharmacist, confidentially, at learn more about whichever you’re applying. Your own company spokesperson reported test shows averaged 8-10 minutes. Generally are never time limits, though, and as well as you also can ask pertaining to a certain pharmacist in name just after you plug with somebody else.

The cord connected video can tell you even higher from this pharmacist belief.Happy pharmacy technician jobs day to comprehensive pharmacy technologists and perfect work may do being able to help the pharmacists in giving the best medical!

Any new job will possess a learning competitors where you must learn issues to upward to step. Getting training and certified may make strategy easier along with quicker.

Ptce, The Drugstore Specialist Documentation Panel Exam

The Drugstore Specialist Documentation Examination is a nationwide approved certification exam for pharmacy specialists offered by the Drugstore Specialist Documentation Panel. Individuals who pass high quality are given the status CPhT (certified pharmacy technician). A certification and a pockets card are sent to recently qualified pharmacy specialists roughly six to eight weeks after taking high quality. Once you are qualified, your certification is legitimate for two years.

In purchase to take high quality, applicants must meet certain qualifications specifications specified by the PTCB. These specifications are:
�Candidates must have a secondary school degree or its comparative (e.g., a GED or foreign diploma).
�No crime indictment.
�No drugs or pharmacy related beliefs, such as transgressions. These offenses must be revealed to PTCB.
�No refusal, cancellation, cancellation, or limitation of signing up or licensure, approval purchase or other limitation by any Condition Panel of Drugstore. No entrance of wrong doings or breach of rules of any Condition Panel of Drugstore.

Exam Composition:
The PTCE is a computerized exam consisting of 90 several choice concerns. Ten of the 90 concerns are pre-test concerns that are arbitrarily placed throughout high quality. These concerns will not depend towards your final score. The staying 80 concerns will analyze pharmacy technicians’ knowledge and skill base under three function areas:

Assisting the Pharmacologist in Providing Sufferers (66% of exam): This place includes components such as helping the pharmacist, receiving and handling a prescribed, adding to, data collection, interaction with patients and third-party payers, performing drugs management features, etc.

Maintaining Medication and Stock Management Systems (22% of exam): This place includes components such as drugs and healthcare provides recognition, drug and healthcare provide inventory, record-keeping, QC, etc.

Taking part in the Supervision and Administration of Drugstore Practice (12% of exam): This place includes components such as conformity with federal rules and professional requirements, safety methods within the pharmacy, high quality guarantee activities and confirming, use and servicing of computerized and point-of-care providing technology, payments and bookkeeping, etc.

Location and Examining Information:
The PTCE is provided at Pearson VUE Professional Facilities situated across the U. s. Declares. US army employees offshore may also take the examination at DANTES sites. The examination is provided consistently throughout the year. Programs are accepted 24 times a day and seven times a week. Once an applicant’s program to take the examination is accepted, he or she will have 90 times to routine an consultation and take the examination.

Upon completing the examination, applicants can view their outcomes instantly. Analyze takers will get a pass-fail observe on the computer and a create out of their examination outcomes. Effective applicants will get their accreditations in the email within a couple of weeks of quality date. Candidates who fall short the examination can retake the examination up to three times.

What to Bring:
Exam applicants must carry legitimate, government-issued picture ID. Valid types of ID include: ticket, government-issued permit, government-issued driving learner’s permit, non-driver’s recognition from the Division of Motor Automobiles, or U.S. Equipped Causes recognition. All other personal valuables will be saved in lockers offered at the examining site until completing the examination. Upon verifying in, applicants will be offered with an erasable board to provide as the beginning document. Portable hand calculators and an on-screen finance calculator are also available to assist applicants.

The Drugstore Specialist Documentation Examination is a nationwide approved certification exam for pharmacy specialists offered by the Drugstore Specialist Documentation Panel. Individuals who pass high quality are given the status CPhT (certified pharmacy technician). A certification and a pockets card are sent to recently qualified pharmacy specialists roughly six to eight weeks after taking high quality. Once you are qualified, your certification is legitimate for two years.

Drugstore: Bringing big businesses tech-pain relief

Problem: Lack of collaboration, innovation and knowledge-sharing between ‘big business’ and small tech startups. Solution: Publicis Machine Drugstore.
Publicis Machine is further proving its title as South Africa’s fastest growing digitally-led integrated communications agency with the recent launch of Drugstore in South Africa.

Nothing to do with hard drugs, chemistry or an old-school apothecary, instead this concept – founded by Publicis Worldwide and launched locally late in 2015 – is actually intended to bridge the gap between big brands and tech startups by providing a platform to facilitate engagement and fuel game-changing ideas.

That’s because while big brands are operationally efficient and filled with worker bees buzzing around efficiently, they have so much going on that they just can’t keep track of the latest tech developments. Tech startups, on the other hand, have the digital aspect waxed but get lost in the world of big business. That’s where Drugstore comes in. It offers a clear space for these seemingly separate entities to do a ‘mind meld’, for both to reap the benefits.

Publicis Machine’s CEO, Adrian Hewlett, and head of group digital strategy, Andy Gilder, elaborate on what this means for the local market…

Publicis Machine’s CEO, Adrian Hewlett, and head of group digital strategy, Andy Gilder.
Publicis Machine’s CEO, Adrian Hewlett, and head of group digital strategy, Andy Gilder.

1. Kicking off with context, elaborate on Publicis Machine’s success as a digitally-led integrated communication agency.

Hewlett and Gilder: Our agency was born digital and entered the industry in 2004 as The Habari Group, with founder Adrian Hewlett at the helm. He was awarded for the Greatest Individual Contribution to Digital Media and Marketing in the 2010 Bookmark Awards. In 2012, several boutique agencies were combined to form MACHINE, which went on to win the AdReview ‘Breakthrough Agency of the Year’ in 2013, and just two years later the agency moved upstream to become Publicis Machine, now one of South Africa’s leading integrated digitally focused agencies. Unlike other traditional agencies who have now incorporated digital (some, like Ogilvy, successfully and others not so well), we started out with a digital focus and Publicis Machine is now a fully integrated strategic communications agency, with a digital heartbeat.

A case in point is Drugstore – a digital-driven tech innovation accelerator that puts technology startups in partnership with the agency to deliver innovative solutions to its biggest clients. It illustrates the kind of initiative we have put in place to ensure our true integration, not only from a communication’s perspective but also from an innovation perspective. It came about as the need to help our clients innovate became more important. It’s also about understanding the increasing role that smaller businesses are going to be playing in the future of large business – and indeed how those large businesses can avoid being “Ubered”. Drugstore is about finding the best way to marry innovation and enterprise, and Publicis Machine is the orchestrator of this process. Drugstore is a global Publicis initiative and South Africa is the fourth country to implement the concept. The other global Drugstore’s are based in London, Sydney and Zurich.

2. Is there any potential confusion on the name, from the three existing global versions?

Hewlett and Gilder: The various global Drugstore initiatives form part of a single concept – a global network of startups that align with our business to help solve the problems of our clients. In time, we hope to leverage the interconnected nature of the initiative to bring in business from outside our shores to help solve local problems and vice versa.

3. How does Drugstore facilitate engagement and incubate game-changing ideas?

Hewlett and Gilder: As a digitally-led agency that believes strongly in leading the change for our clients, we’re always eager to find new ways to provide better solutions to business problems. Drugstore allows us the opportunity to bring in technology experts with small, nimble and innovative teams, and combine them with established brands, to the benefit of both. As the strategic lead in the process, we ensure the innovative ideas that come from our start up partners align perfectly with the challenges that we know our clients have.

4. How has the concept of ‘startup’ changed from purely tech-centric companies to any new, up-and-coming potential disruptor?

Hewlett and Gilder: Technology is seemingly playing a role in just about every disruptive initiative we see today. While many people still use the term “startup” to refer specifically to businesses that deliver a product or service that involves technology, the reality is that very few businesses that launch in this day and age are devoid of technology – especially ones that have the core ideal of disruption close to their heart.

5. Should technology be a crucial factor in any business today?

Hewlett and Gilder: Undoubtedly. We’re not advocating tech for the sake of it, but rather the natural integration of technology into a core product or service to make it better. Technology applied in the right way can so often take businesses from good to great, and more and more, the greatest disruptors are built on a solid foundation of technological skill.

6. What’s the impact on consumers, whose idea of ‘brand promise’ has shifted in today’s digital age?

Hewlett and Gilder: As consumers’ perceptions shift, so too must brands. We believe that consumer expectations are already in a place where they demand a brand must have a level of embedded technology (or at the very least, understand how consumers use technology). Drugstore is not just a means to solve this increased level of expectation on the brand promise, but to anticipate what is still to come and to try to deliver on that in the short term.

7. Explain the concept of ‘managed incubation’.

Hewlett and Gilder: We refer to a managed incubator as more than a simple dedicated workspace for startups to work from. In this case, we not only provide the physical space and business challenges to solve, we also strategically guide the entire process from briefing to solution stage – with constructive feedback provided during organised check-in sessions and extending to assisting each team with their final execution and delivery. The Publicis Machine strategy team works alongside the various startup companies in solving the problem at hand – it means we not only benefit from the input from a few specialists in their verticals, but also use our knowledge of the existing business challenges to help shape the innovation solution that the incubator attendees deliver.

eurobest Innovation shortlist announced

The Innovation jury has selected the shortlist for the eurobest, the Festival and Awards for the European creative communications industry, which arrives in Antwerp in less than two weeks. It reviewed the 53 entries received into the category, arriving at a shortlist of 10. The UK has three shortlisted, Sweden two and Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Italy all have one.
eurobest Innovation shortlist announcedJury president Diederik Veelo, Founder, The Ambassadors Lab, said, “Some brilliant entries have passed the innovation jury this year and we are happy with the top ten. Each shortlist entry will have to present his or her innovation in front of a live audience in Antwerp and withstand the curiosity of an extremely critical jury. I’m really looking forward to these final stages and getting to the core of their innovation.”

The Innovation shortlist can now be viewed online, while presentations will take place on Tuesday 1 December and are open to all delegates to attend. The Innovation session will feature innovation-focused content from scientists, composers, musicians and masters in visual effects.

Dr Kate Stone, Scientist and Founder of Novalia will address delegates in her session, The Internet of Paper. Founding Novalia to explore the space where traditional print and conventional electronics converge, Dr Stone’s seminar promises to wow audiences with demonstrations of her lab’s latest creations. This talk about the exciting new technological applications of paper is especially suitable in Antwerp, where the world’s first newspaper was published in 1605.

Diederik Veelo will also hold a President’s Address at eurobest, which will look at brands as enablers. Taking the groundbreaking technology of stereoscopic 3D film, Veelo will show how the savviest brands of the 21st Century now offer fully multi-sensory experiences, offering their customers the chance to experience something they have never even conceived before.

Elsewhere, Duval Guillaume and Publicis Drugstore will hold an Innovation workshop, Mark Woerde, founder of LEMZ, will analyse the big Cyber Lions winners from Cannes Lions and LJ Rich and Rania Kim will invite delegates to an interactive live experiment through a sonically led cinematic experience.

An antimicrobial stewardship programme drives appropriate use of antibiotics

The overuse of antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines has precipitated one of the biggest threats to global health today – antimicrobial resistance – which is leading to longer hospital stays, far higher medical costs and increased mortality.
An antimicrobial stewardship programme drives appropriate use of antibiotics

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), antibiotic resistance is exacerbated by poor infection prevention and control practices, which compromises the ability to treat infections.

The WHO World Antibiotic Awareness Week (14-20 November) aims to increase awareness of antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices amongst the general public, all health workers and policy makers to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance, with the theme: Handle Antibiotics With Care. Steps can be taken at all levels of society to reduce the impact and limit the spread of resistance.

Fighting microbial resistance in a hospital setting

“There are multiple drivers of antimicrobial resistance which have a major impact in a hospital setting. A doctor led, multidisciplinary approach in each hospital is key to the success of an AMS (antimicrobial stewardship) programme to ensure that dynamic and wide-spread practices are in place to minimise pathogen resistance while providing quality patient care,” says Shirley Leadbeater, national pharmacy practice manager for the Life Healthcare Group.

The group has placed a strong focus on tackling this threat in their hospitals. In 2011 Life Healthcare implemented an antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) programme to ensure its hospitals act responsibly with regard to the use of antibiotic medicines. The approach is aligned to the national department of health’s AMR National Strategy Framework 2014 – 2024 in response to the World Health Assembly’s endorsement of a global action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

A multifunctional approach

Although antimicrobial resistance is a global issue, it must be tackled at a local level. It takes focused effort at an individual hospital to alter antimicrobial utilisation and impact on pathogen resistance. Multifunctional review of antimicrobial utilisation as well as robust infection prevention practices effectively manage the issue.

“Pharmacists are the primary custodians of medicines and as part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, focus on evaluating patient medication treatment to assist in achieving the best possible clinical outcomes and championing stewardship. The value of their in-depth knowledge of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy has globally proven to be valuable in the hospital environment,” she says.

The core elements to a successful AMS programme are:

Leadership commitment;

Comprehensive infection prevention and control;

An effective multifunctional stewardship approach. AMS committees at hospital level with AMS doctor champions; and

Effective communication, and timely and regular reporting.

Hygiene measures are an all-important, yet often undervalued aspect to infection prevention as well. The easiest and most important method to prevent the transfer of bacteria that everyone can apply in healthcare settings is appropriate hand hygiene. This should be practised conscientiously by all healthcare workers, patients and hospital visitors alike. “Infection prevention is taken extremely seriously and is a high priority for all hospitals, as one failure can transfer bacteria and increase the spread of hard to manage infections,” she explains.

Finally, patient education and provision of information and counselling are important in keeping antibiotic resistance in check. “All parties – the patient, the doctor and the entire multifunctional team should be aware of how their behaviour impacts this growing threat and how we can work together to prevent antibiotic resistance from spiralling out of control,” she concludes

WDD: Strides made in diabetic research

Diabetes is often referred to as the silent killer as many people remain unaware that they are suffering from the disease until it is too late. Diabetes is caused by the pancreas not being able to produce enough insulin, or the cells of the body not responding to the insulin which is produced. Dependent on the type of diabetes, it may be treated with either insulin injections or medications (with or without insulin).

Diabetes is a challenging disease to live with for the patient, as it requires a strict diet, accurate dosages of insulin and/or medication, exercise, and the continuous testing of blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, diabetes may also lead to various long-term complications if not treated properly, including permanent damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart.

So, the race is on to develop treatment protocols and drugs that make the disease easier to manage for sufferers.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently granted a patent for a potential functional cure for diabetes. In accordance with this patent, the University of Technology in Sydney genetically engineered cells, called Melligen cells, which can produce, store and release insulin in response to human blood sugar levels.

However, during animal testing, a barrier arose when the mice who were receiving these Melligen cells experienced an immune response. This barrier has however been overcome with the recent involvement of PharmaCyte Biotech, a US clinical stage biotechnology company, which has developed a product, Cell-in-a-Box®, which encapsulates the Melligen cells and thereby hides them from the immune system inside the human body. The Melligen cells will then detect when the blood sugar is low and thereby produce and release the required insulin. The result of this ground-breaking combination may be a long-term solution for diabetics who cannot produce insulin at all. The research will now be moving into clinical trials stage, in so far as the patent has been granted.

In terms of South African research in the diabetic field, a team of researchers from the department of human physiology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal have recently developed a way of administering insulin into the bloodstream without the need for injections.

This comprises a transdermal patch that releases insulin through the skin into the bloodstream at a constant rate. As such, there is no longer a need for painful injections. Some diabetics inject up to eight times a day. Insulin is at times injected in large amounts and it may lead to hypoglycamia. The transdermal patch provides a solution and prevents hypoglycaemia in the patient, as insulin is delivered in a controlled and constant manner. This imitates the natural release of insulin in someone not suffering from the disease.

The staggering results obtained to date in terms of new developments continues to motivate researchers across the globe to better current inventions and to create new breakthrough treatments which is sure to dramatically improve the quality of life, and life expectancy of millions of diabetic patients in the future.

Thankfully, much needed treatment and a possible cure for this disease is being hastily developed internationally.